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ODEON Tours Inbound Services and Destinations Management gives services through its inbound services companies available in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Greece to tour operators from Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and other CIS countries, Poland, Balkan countries and Germany. ODEON Tours, out of the main countries it is active in, added 22 new destinations to the product portfolio of its operators as a result of intensive and successful activities. ODEON Tours led the way in terms of quality and created difference in the sector. • In 2001, it obtained for the first time in Turkey the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard that includes all travel agency services. • Based on the principle of transforming the Quality Management concept into a lifestyle, it participated in the National Quality Action and has been entitled to get in 2008 the EFQM Determination in Excellence Certificate, in 2011 the EFQM Competency in Excellence Model Certificate and in 2013 the EFQM 5-Star Recognised for Excellence Certificate. • It established ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in 2009 and obtained the ISO 10002 Quality Management-Guest Satisfaction-Complaints Handling certifications in 2010. ODEON Tours gives inbound services to tour operators from more than 15 countries especially Turkey, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia.

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