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We offer a vast range of products and services including industrial air and nitrogen compressors, mobile and stationary breathing air compressors and accessories, storage and distribution systems as well as systems for natural gas, inert gases and custom built units for special applications. DiveMix has developed its own Nitrox blending system - The DiveMixer - for the SCUBA diving industry with superior reliability, performance and cost efficiency in mind. The outstanding quality of innovative products and services offered by DiveMix, also provides great assistance to the oil and gas industry in strengthening productivity and competitive capability. We offer wellhead control units, hydraulic test units, gas test units to name just a few. Our broad range of experience and products further includes PSA oxygen generators, oxygen filling stations for hospitals, factories and workshops as well as PSA nitrogen generators for industrial applications. Our solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency. We also offer all-round competent consultancy services concerning most gas logistics.

Client Products

  1. Size 12 X 12
  2. 1 color printing 1 side.
  3. Code : 4717
  1. Round diameter 4cm.
  2. 1 color printing.
  3. Code : 4789