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Rivoli Suites Corporate Facts About Us Located at the midpoint of the city of Hurghada (3 min. from Hurghada International Airport) Facilities are designed to satisfy all customer segments (Families, Adults and Children) The project has all required facilities to the local & international tourism markets . Spa & Wellness . Apartments . Clubhouse Our Mission Offer the best quality service systems to achieve maximum satisfaction & excellence to our customers. Safeguard our Brand reputation & recognition as the best residential & leisure destination "Rivoli Suites". Create a stable atmosphere suitable for self development & rewarding to our employees . Efficient & effective management systems along with reasonable cost control to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI) to our shareholders. Respect & abide by the laws & regulations of the market in which we operate, lead this business sector by example as our main social responsibility in Egypt. Our Vision Become the number one residential & leisure destination servicing the tourism hospitality sector. Our Goal Tailor the clients experience based on initial interview information as well as feedback during the service provided to ensure the clients comfort and satisfaction. We are mindful of the overall experience combining our proficiency on customer service and mastering the science of high quality design & construction methods. Setting our sectors to offer luxurious high quality services, supplying only the best materials to our guests, spacious relaxation areas furnished for high standard living. Offering wide range of service facilities to enhance the overall customer experience. Our Philosophy Rivoli Suites focuses on “Quality in every small detail” approach which when combined enriches the reputation and customer experience

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