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LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! We invite you to our store of leather and fur products. Here you can buy exclusive men's and women's clothes made of leather, fur and suede. The latest trends in world fashion, a variety of models for every taste, the widest range of sizes and most importantly, impeccable quality - all this is for you! The company Moda Show is one of the largest international network of retail stores of fur and leather products. In Turkey, the Moda Show has been operating since 1989 and is represented by the main shopping centers in the province of Antalya, which ranked first in the sales market. The total area of the store is 4500 sq.m. and has three floors. A five floored shopping center with an area of 5500 sq.m. in Side and a shopping center in four floors with an area of 3800 sq.m. in the Alanya province. In Egypt, the Moda Show started its business in 2006 and currently has stores in two of the largest touristic centers: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The main shopping center in Sharm El Sheikh is located on two floors and has 6500 sq.m. of sales area. In Hurghada, the main store consists of three floors and has 4800 sq.m. of sales area. All our shops have special VIP-zones, a room for children and a place for resting.

Client Products

  1. Size 24 X 17
  2. Full color printing 2 sides.
  3. Code : 3896
  1. Size 10 X 20
  2. 4 colors printing 2 sides.
  3. Code : 2983
  1. Size 45 X 22.5 Open.
  2. 5 colors printing 2 sides
  3. Code : 2904
  1. Size 14.8 X 19
  2. 2 colors printing 2 sides
  3. Code : 2926