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IRIS Real Estate & Development is one of the leading and most successful real estate operators in Egypt . A qualified selection and real presentation of information to our clients about all the benefits of buying property in Egypt , providing assistance in making any transactions with real estate in Egypt are the main goals of IRIS Real Estate & Development . Our company, which selects villas, apartments, houses, objects for investment in Egypt for buying and renting, as well as for living, is always ready to fulfill any requests and wishes of our customers. We will be happy if, thanks to your interest in selling real estate in Egypt , we will be able to provide services for buying real estate in Egypt to you and your family. The sunsets over the Red Mountains, which are known to be more than 20,000,000 years old, morning in the Siwa oasis, where Alexander the Great, coming to the oracle, built his temple, the eternal Pyramids, the memorial of unsurpassed human wisdom, the leisurely waters of the Nile, the Egyptian "artery of life" "since the time of the Pharaohs, - all this cannot be compared with anything.

Client Products

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  1. Size 10 X 21
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  1. Size 9 X 5
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