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El Gouna

Indulging into a paradise hideaway, we bring to you “Creek”, B.I.D’S first landmark in El-Gouna. A cozy Mediterranean bi-coastal fusion project concept that brings together the soul of the French Riviera renowned as “Cote D’Azur” offering a vibrant and energetic atmosphere with the outstanding Italian architecture and landscape of “The Amalfi Coast”, in which residences are built among mountains that are plunged into turquoise waters in a natural phenomenal way upon levels and levels of happiness. All wrapped into El-Gouna’s serene and exquisite ambiance.

Client Products

  1. icon Size 125 X 120
  2. Letter C size 92 X 120
  3. letter R size 90 X 120
  4. Letter E Qty 2 Size 83 X 120
  5. Letter K Size 96 X 120
  6. Stainless Letters
  7. Backlit Led light white ice
  8. Code : #6785