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in the 6th of April 1994, Merit Center was opened officially as one of the biggest bazaars all over Egypt. Merit Center was established over a total surface area of 1200M². Giza Pyramids area had been chosen for the center to be located in, as an area of a unique and distinguished location for what it represents of historical immense value. More than 200 of our experts are serving, presenting a distinguished teamwork of skillful craftsmen and the best-qualified salesmen. The center has three main divisions: bazaar, papyrus and the cotton workshop. We’re the most specialized in manufacturing and marketing an immense number of Egyptian souvenirs of gold, silver, precious stones, carpets, mother of pearl, copper, leather, cotton and papyrus.

Client Products

  1. Size open 42.6 X 15.4
  2. Cover 4 colors printing front - 1 color printing inside background.
  3. Inside paper 4 colors printing 2 sides.
  4. Code : 6081