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El Gouna

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is a modern, upscale hospitality company that is passionate about ‘making moments’, recognising that small gestures make a big difference to our guests, our owners and our people. We do ordinary things in an extraordinary way – a philosophy that has defined our brand’s success from the very start. A global firm with Swiss roots and a restaurant and hospitality heritage that dates back to the 1940s, our approach to service has remained consistent; warm, intuitive, personal and uniquely ‘Mövenpick’. We also embrace innovation to meet ever-changing guest needs and continue to celebrate our rich culinary legacy, setting trends but never compromising on quality and authenticity. An international company with a growing footprint, we take a sustainable and responsible approach, caring for local communities and protecting the environment in the destinations where we operate.

Client Products

  1. Size A4
  2. Full colors printing 1 side.
  3. 4 Holes.
  4. Code : 3967
  1. Size A4
  2. Full color printing 1 side.
  3. Code : 3997
  1. Size 6 X 13.5
  2. Full color printing 1 side.
  3. Code : 3980
  1. Size 14 X 30
  2. Full color printing 1 side.
  3. Code : 2432