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The Jasmine Palace Resort, Hurghada, 100,000 m2a 5 stars resort with 690 rooms and suites, some overlooking the sea, is situated in Hurghada at a carefully selected spot, nestled among the majestic harmony of nature. The crystal clear water of the Red Sea, crowned with the unique golden beach is a paradise for you to enjoy. Your dream vacation starts only ten minutes from Hurghada International Airport, with your choice between a soundless relaxation and endless recreation. The Resort is all-inclusive property offering full board accommodation.

Client Products

  1. Size 60 X 17 open - closed 30 X 17
  2. Full color printing 2 sides.
  3. Paper coated matte 300gr.
  4. 5 papers including cover.
  5. Cover outside with glossy lamination.