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Matters Interiors is the sister company of EGCI “Egyptian Group for Contracting and real-estate Investment.” Matters Interiors is the outcome of 25 years experience in Hotels, Resorts and Luxurious residence projects. Our vision is to satisfy our valued customers and clients through providing high quality products at a convenient value. Matters Interiors is the local dealer for several manufacturers of high quality products for decorative and interior design materials. Our qualified and skillful teams acquire the sufficient knowledge and experience to help you select the right product and utilize it among your precious living space. Matters Interiors covers a wide range of products; Bathroom furniture, Lighting fixtures, Porcelain, decorative tiles and even more to come. High quality, coping with the state-of-art in interior design and Attention to details will be our focus to meet our clients’ needs and ensure their satisfaction.

Client Products

  1. Size 9 X 5
  2. Full color printing 2 sides.
  3. Code : 2786
  1. Carbonized Books.
  2. 1 color printing 1 side.
  3. Size 18.6 X 12.6
  4. Code : 2729
  1. Carbonized Books.
  2. 1 color printing all papers.
  3. Size A4 - Serial Number.
  4. Code : 2737
  1. Carbonized Books.
  2. 1 color printing all papers.
  3. Size A4
  4. Code : 2730